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     Have you considered the average lifespan of a dog is 10-15 years?  This is a long-term commitment.  Appropriately training a puppy can take several hours a day.  Puppies are, in fact, babies and require much of the same attention.  They wake in the middle of the night to have a variety of needs met.  In hindsight, this time doesnít last long but thatís hard to remember at 3a.m.  Training a puppy beyond its undesirable behaviors is rewarding but it is hard work.  Carpets will get soiled, items may be chewed, and did I mention you will be up in the middle of the night at least in the beginning. 

     The temperament of a Labradoodle is well-suited for family living.   Is the family well-suited for a Labradoodle?  Consider the demands of your family members and their schedules.  Time for your puppy and eventually your adult dog is very important.

     Beyond the purchase price of your puppy, there are costs to consider.  Vet fees, food/treats, licensing, and grooming can add up.  You are making a time commitment as well as a financial commitment.  While all dogs need attention and companionship, Labradoodles demand your love and affection.  Labradoodles are extremely intelligent and they seem to know how to get your attention when they feel left alone.  Mischief is a surefire attention getter.  Labradoodles enjoy playing outdoors, but they are indoor dogs that love being with their family.  Reviewing these points may help you determine if this is the right time for you to add a dog to your family and if this is the right dog for you!


    Buyer and Seller Commitments

     All of our puppies have had fpir trips to the vet, all with satisfactory evaluations.  All puppies have had their dewclaws removed.  They were de-wormed at 3 weeks, 6 weeks and 10 weeks.  They have had their first and second series of shots.  Their third series of shots will be due the second week of August.  All puppies will be accompanied by a health record on the date of sale.

     The buyer understands and agrees to provide nutrition, care, exercise, and medical attention appropriate to the breed and age of puppy.

     If at any time, for any reason, it becomes necessary to find a "new" home for the puppy, the buyer will contact the seller who has first option for "re-homing" and will help in any way possible.





                         When you take your puppy home you will be provided with the following:


1 Puppy toy

1 Puppy collar
1 Puppy leash

Pictures of your puppy from birth to the big day.
Pictures of Lucille and Tucker, mother and father.
Starter food kit with nutritional information.
Sample Housebreaking Pad and "Simple Solution" deodorizer/stain
    remover to aid with transition.
1 hand towel with the scent of pup's mother and littermates to aid

    with transition.

1 Email Copy of Your Doodle Puppy's First Year Made Easy

    by Edie MacKenzie author of the Definitive Guide to Labradoodles.

Health Record to date.



Feel free to ask for specific suggestions but you may need the following
items when you bring your puppy home.












        ID TAG


(puppy size provided)



Grooming your Labradoodle depends greatly on the coat type of your dog.  Some doodles don't require bathing as most have low to no doggie odor.  Some coats will mat, some will shed and all should be brushed regularly.  Your groomer can recommend a quality nail clipper if you choose to

manage that task at home.  Ear cleaning is very important for all dogs, however,

Labradoodles can be prone to ear infections, therefore, weekly ear cleaning can

minimize this concern.  Please feel free to call or email if you have

any questions.  We will do our best to help find answers.





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