About the Humphreys Family

Kevin Humphreys is a lifelong dog owner.  During childhood and into adult life, Dachshunds were part of the family.  Their playful nature accompanied by loyalty and devotion made Kevin’s Dachshunds perfect family pets.  Kevin says they weren’t aware of their small size as they would promptly remove uninvited guests (i.e. deer) from their property.  They loved tennis balls throughout the house or long afternoons in the park.  Having always owned male Dachshunds, puppy delivery was new to Kevin but he took to being a “Mid-woof” like a natural.  Of course, Lucille did the really hard work but Kevin was right there to appreciate the miracle.

Mary Lee Humphreys has spent her life with animals as well.  Mary Lee’s parents, grandfather, and great-grandfather were dog breeders and owners; usually Labrador Retrievers, the breed she grew up with.  Mary Lee also raised rabbits for 4-H and later as family pets.  Raising and racing Standardbreds was the family business; a business some family members continue to be involved in over 35 years later.  Mary Lee’s cautious nature (read fear) required that she keep her distance from the sizable equine.  She continues to enjoy watching the horses race and participating from the betting arena.  Most family members share their home with at least one canine family member as the love for dogs continues as well.

Our introduction to Labradoodles came in the form of Tucker, sire of our current litter.  We met him at school when he was just a pup.  He was adorable with a very pleasant demeanor.  When his human, Mrs. Preston, explained that he was allergy friendly and would not shed, we thought this might be the dog we had been waiting for.  We thought our children were at a perfect age to welcome a dog into the family.  It seemed a Labradoodle may combine the playfulness and devotion we enjoyed with Dachshunds with the family-oriented demeanor found with a Labrador Retriever.  The Labradoodle was the dog for us and the search was on.  We brought Lucille home at 7 weeks.  Lucille's mother is a registered AKC Black Labrador Retriever and her father is a registered AKC Black Standard Poodle.  Our family of five became six, now seventeen with Lucille’s pups.  Mrs. Preston is retiring from teaching after 30 years (she must have started at 15!) and Tucker is expected to be neutered (sorry, Tucker) this summer. 

All pieces falling into place, the time was right to start Devmadain Kennel.  This is a wonderful experience for our children, (Devin, Maddie, and Ainslee), just as I remember our litters as a child.  The kids enjoy watching the pups and playing with the pups and the pups enjoy the children, too.  It is amazing to watch the puppies react when the kids enter the room like “Now they look like fun!” We plan to have one litter yearly and only one more litter for Lucille, probably next summer.  Our goal will continue to be to choose quality breeding stock with optimum temperament to create fantastic family additions. 

We know you will enjoy your Devmadain Labradoodle.


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